Are Open Houses Outdated? Maybe, But They’re Still Very Valuable And Sometimes Very Successful. Read On To Find Out More About The Debatable Subject

Are Open Houses Still a Viable Option?

The internet is where just about every buyer starts their search today when they decide to purchase a house. After all, they can look at hundreds of options right from their bedroom or living room. They can view all sorts of property information, too. Because of this, what’s the point of open houses? On YouTube, buyers can usually find a home-tour of the houses they saw as well. Given this, it isn’t surprising that both agents and sellers are wondering if open houses are still even important. Well, the answer really is yes. YouTube cannot give the same feeling that a buyer gets when they actually see the house. 

One reason that an open house is so important, is that great photos give potential buyers almost all of the visual information they need to make a decision on if they like the house.

However, for photos such as bathrooms, and closets, they can’t get a true feel for the size unless they are physically looking at it. Not to mention, these spaces usually are smaller, so the photos are angled instead of open, so you cannot see a picture with every detail like other rooms.

An open house allows buyers to see the home in person, and gives them an opportunity to see the rooms and surrounding neighborhood from yet another important perspective. For sellers, open houses offer the chance to get a feel for the housing market in their area based on the number of buyers in attendance.

Open houses can also be significantly more convenient for sellers, who can show the house to a large number of prospective buyers in one day, meaning fewer individual showings in the future.

Hosting an open house can be a positive experience for motivated sellers, but there are some common mistakes to avoid in order to ensure the event is a success. Don’t try to host an open house yourself, allow your agent the responsibility of coordinating the event. In fact, buyers will feel more comfortable if you, your pets, and your family are not present at all. And although it’s critically important that you make your home look clean and neat, don’t restrict access to any rooms. Rent a storage unit or move excess clutter elsewhere for the duration of the open house.

Be sure to give buyers something admirable to view. Make sure all interior surfaces are clean and open, and that all exterior landscaping looks trim and healthy. Bring in fresh flowers, both inside and outside, and take down any highly personal effects. This is an opportunity to catch an interested buyer’s eye and in order to do so they need to imagine themselves and their things in your home.

Take  full advantage of technology to advertise the event, and be sure to choose a time when the majority of home buyers will be available to view your property. Allow your agent to help you get the word out, and ask for suggestions that will bring out the special character of your home for everyone who attends. See: Tips for Visiting Open Houses.